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  • 北京pk10的开奖记录|QMust the interactive whiteboard be connected to a computer?

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     Yes, the computer runs the program and projects on the interactive whiteboard. 

  • Q Can I open other software at the same time?


    You can run all the programs such as IE browser, MS office and audio-video player, etc.

  • QDoes the interactive whiteboards come with additional softwa


    Yes, they do. DrawView V3. can be downloaded at Downloads. 

  • QAre iBoard’s interactive whiteboards compatible with a stand


    There are 2 ways to install our interactive whiteboards, wall mounted or with stand. It can be hang on the wall or installed on the mobile stand. The stand is optional, making it more convenient and flexible for customers. 

  • QWhat to do when I connect the interactive whiteboard to the


    1>Please check if you have installed DrawView V3. after the installation and start the service software and application software, please try again.
    2>If it still can’t detect the touch after the first step, Maybe the USB cable is off. If so, reconnect it and see if the related sign shows up in the bottom right corner of the computer. 

  • QWhy does it ask for a registration number if I have already


    Please ask the distributor for a new registration number. 

  • QAfter getting into software interface and opening local reso


    If you are a Chinese customer, please choose simple Chinese to continue the software installation. If not, please choose the language you need to continue the software installation. 

  • Q Is there a CD with the interactive whiteboard?


     Yes, there is one which includes iBoard’s driver and application program.

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