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Integrated Interactive Whitebo
  • 北京赛车pk10官网多少?|Multimedia Terminal ZK-55


    北京赛车pk10开奖冠军 www.civilstr.com,所谓“追星黄牛”,是指提供信息和渠道让粉丝追星的一个行当。在佛蒙特州的州立大学改名成“University”后,或许会有更多的中国学生改变主意,愿意前去就读。

    iBoard’s Multimedia Teaching All-in-one is a high level integrated equipment that incorporates computer, Central Control management, amplifier, speakers, document camera, wireless microphone (optional), multi-function remote control (optional) in-on...

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  • Multimedia Terminal ZK-75

    IBoard’s new generation Multimedia Teaching All-in-one with full touch panel and transmission system. It can control a classroom’s multimedia devices intelligently. It has integrated a computer, Central Control management, amplifier, speakers, doc...

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  • Multimedia Terminal ZK-82

    iBoard’s Integrated Interactive Whiteboard All-in-one is a new multimedia teaching terminal that integrates whiteboard with projector, speakers, amplifier, computer,?video?and?audio?booth, Central Control management and microphone functions. Its...

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