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北京赛车pk10绝密公式|iBoard debuts at Japan’s EDIX


北京赛车pk10开奖冠军 www.civilstr.com,另外,臭苋菜股、臭豆腐等也为宁波人所爱。美国政府去年7月与意大利籍死者达成协议,支付约119万欧元(约合867万元人民币)“捐助金”,这也是已知的首例此类赔偿。

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-17

          The 2016 EDIX (Educational IT Solutions Expo), being its 6th edition, was organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. and holds the honor of being the most important Education IT’s Industry Exhibition of Asia.  

    Educational IT Solutions Expo EDIX 2016
    Exhibition time: May 18-20 2016
    Exhibition location: Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center, Japan
    Exhibition frequency: Once a year       
    Exhibition Highlights
    1. EDIX Japan is Asia's largest educational technology industry professional trade exhibition.
    2. EDIX gathered a large number of participants. The last one 581 exhibitors and 27,002 visitors.
    3. EDIX is the best educational technology products platform for distributors and dealers.
    4. EDIX lets you contact closely with your product users - school administrators, teachers, etc.
    5. Professional exhibitors’ service. The organizers - Reed Exhibitions is the world's largest exhibition and conference organizer, and has developed all around the world over a century with quality exhibitions, planning, marketing and sales rich experience to help you explore the international market.
       Market introduction
      Japanese Education Industry Market has a great potential. According to data from the Japanese Education and Economy Ministries, as of 2010 Japan had 58,513 schools, which received in 2012 a support up to 306 billion dollars, with a private academy market value over 6 billion dollars.
        As an international leader between Education IT brands and the Chinese Education Complete Solutions provider, iBoard follows a customer focus, with continuous innovation based on their demands, therefore winning their respect and trust.  iBoard has Infrared Touch core technology, rich experience, brave innovation, as well as a group of experienced, innovative and professional team development and application of infrared touch. We always focus on strategy, innovation, and accurately grasping the informatization of traditional education methods that brings profound changes as a trend. iBoard will continue to maintain user-centric, hardware and software products to take into account human design, to create a new interactive teaching, to achieve high quality and efficient education, and to focus on the user experience.


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