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|iBoard’s products attract attention at the 119th Canton Fair


北京赛车pk10开奖冠军 www.civilstr.com,  ■6月30日,“庆祝中国共产党成立95周年美术作品展览”在中国美术馆开幕,党的95年历程,也是中国美术史缩影。书本知识得来终觉浅,要使课讲得厚重,有历史感,就要走出去,实地调研。

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-14

     May the 5th started the 119th edition of the China Import and Export Fair (onwards referred as Canton Fair) is located at Canton (Guangzhou)’s Bazhou Exhibition Center. Buyers coming from over 210 countries and territories, gathering in one place. iBoard, as an international IT and Interactive Solutions leader, in this consumer electronic products and IT products Zone displayed its stand, attracting the attention of customers from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc.

     In this edition of the Canton Fair, iBoard’s own Touch LCD All-in-one products, standing out from the traditional TV manufacturers. All-in-one Touch Screen Monitor integrates LED display, Infrared multi-touch technology, PC and other functions, for Business Meetings and Classroom. It provides a solution that not only is easy to install, also saves space, and with great capabilities. Using Draw View Software to make the best of the Touch Screen Monitor. Also we displayed a 65’ Windows/Android Dual System, easy to change between them. In this edition of the Canton Fair iBoard’s All-in-one Touch Screen Monitors, as well as Interactive Whiteboard and other products, received attention from attendants, showing the company’s bright future on the field of Education Interactive Solution and this fair’s edition great success.

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