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北京赛车pk10开奖冠军 www.civilstr.com,通过启动棚户区改造“百日攻坚”活动,该街道创新棚改机制,扎实推进棚改工作深入开展,取得了极好的工作成效。这样的公示,看似一目了然,但有价值的“真货”不多,只能看作是公示对象的工作简历,能让群众比较、鉴别和监督的信息太少。

Source:iboardRelease time:2016-05-14

       Every year’s summer holiday is the time for vacation on every elementary and secondary school all around the world, but for iBoard, this is the time of the year that we are the busiest, big quantity orders fall in summer as snow in winter, and as this orders have usually a short window of time to be met, time is gold in the months of July and August, as before the schools start classes on September the educational products need to be installed, to be used in the new semester.

  As every year, this one iBoard has received several big orders from educational centers all over the world, this orders need to be fulfilled in a short time, so all the company needs to give it all to complete them. Every summer it’s Shenzhen’s hottest time, but even hottest is iBoard’s team applying themselves in their post.

   Today let us take a look at this hard-working people on the manufacturing line, we can just say: “Thank you guys! Keep it up!”

  Everyday at half past eight, the Manufacturing Department Manager, the factory director, Chen Qinyun comes early to the workshop and starts scheduling the manufacturing plan for the day, also making a summary of last yesterday’s production state. After the employees arrive to their positions, immediately arranges today’s production. Big production workshops, the machines roaring, the pipeline in operation, around the clock, staff at the orderly production and installation. Each person's face with determination and sweat in the busiest production season, everyone doing their best.

      The fellows from the R&D and Product Management departments respond the problems arisen from the customers. Although the company doesn’t have a policy on that, a lot of employees work extra hours on their own judgement. Putting their time on testing and preventing bugs, making sure the quality of the products is ensured. 

      Everday in the Industrial Park, the most eye-catching thing is our mates packing the products and shipping them, putting the IWBs and other devices on trucks, ignoring the weather conditions. Everyday there are 350 cartons of IWBs to ship in 1-2 trucks, with a daily average of 14 tons a day of products.

    The employees in the office make a good service to the client and factory, with the colleagues from the Purchasing Department hasting to acquire the materials, the ones from Accounting working extra hours to assure the payments. Everyday in their free time everyone is still putting their own time working on the factory, putting screws, packaging, installing, etc. The General Manager, Xu Jun, is the one that usually works ‘till later in the night. Everyone together, in the busiest season, help the company making an effort. The cooperation between different departments to a common end is one of the philosophies of iBoard. 

    A lot of people that cooperate closely with iBoard are moved because of this, making their business with iBoard something not to be worried about, trusting our manufacturing and Quality Control process. In the future we will enhance even more our customer service, becoming the leader of the Interactive Solutions Industry leader.

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