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Human Resources
     IBoard is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise, with cutting-edge technology, focused on internationalization, humanization of management, excellent training opportunities, broad development platform, willing to share everything with you! IBoard's people welcome you!

     Talent is the key to the company's development, atraction, training, retain, inspiration of our members is the philosophy of our human resources department.We continue expand new business areas, to bring our employees a huge development space, by virtue of a clear promotion system, strong cultural inclusiveness, and improvement of staff training system, a sustainable development of human resources for employees to build a fair and competitive growth platform that provides opportunity and space for sustainable development. We advocate freedom of communication, respect for personality development, and the pursuit of a coherent sense of team. We want to be the most trusted and respected, most able to attract talent, the talent to make room for development of the company.

     We firmly believe that: Talent is the most valuable resource!

     For job applications pleas look for iBoard in 51job

     link addresshttp://jobs.51job.com/all/co1994273.html     
     We look forward to your arrival!

Add: 2-3rd floor, 2nd bldg, Zone 3, South Honghualing Industrial Zone, Xili, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Tel: +86-755-86001808 Email: xu@北京赛车pk10开奖冠军 www.civilstr.com

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